Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Incredulous Seagull

I've never met a seagull I didnt like. But by golly can they be incredulous little so-and-sos...

A little late-night something that came together over red wine and some drake

Artwork featured in Blanket Mag!

When I submitted my art to the rock paper scissors edition of Blanket Magazine I never imagined it would be accepted! So I was super excited to receive an email yesterday telling me I was in! wooooot woooot :) ♥

It was certainly a lovely way to start my tuesday morning. Especially since I'd just scored a free caramel latte from my local coffee shop - does life get any better? hehe ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My art on POSTCARDS!

Art community Redbubble has just announced the availability of postcards!

Which is fantastic news... you can now buy all my work (and the work of many other talented artists) in postcard form and send them to all your friends. And anyway...isn't it time you wrote grandma? Send her a funky design and give her a bit of a buzz over her morning tea!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Miss Westwood, we are not WORTHY! ♥

These shoes absolutely rock my world. It's like Viv has tapped directly into my imagination and inspiration, downloaded all my love in its purest form, poured it into a delightful plastic mould and called it a shoe. I bid on a pair in yellow and black on ebay but they are just in too high demand. One day, i will own a pair of these amazing pieces of awesome!

Tokyo loves my Tee! ♥

I recently had one of my designs (below) picked up by a Japanese gallery, Takara Gallery. Takara means 'treasure' and there is some wonderful art featured there. They are based in Japan right now but apparently have big plans for world domination ;)
The owner describes Takara Gallery as:

"...where you can find all sorts of "Takara" (treasures) created by artists and designers from around the world. Have a little look around and you might find a little treasure of your own.... This online shop sells treasure created by artists and designers. So let the treasure which incorporate part of the life of their creators become one of your treasures."

Yipee for treasure! I am extremely pleased as this combines two of my 'big loves'...Japan and design! My design is currently featured on a t-shirt for Takara Gallery and you can view it here along with an interview about my work and influences. ♥

back in the habit

hello everyone,
after a year of inexcusable neglect of this blog (i blame having too many passions...) i have decided it's high time i trawled the web again, pounded the keyboard again, and showed you all a few things that inspire my work, my life, my dreams....and my aspirations.

enjoy :)

tiff ♥

ps, more of my work is available here
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