Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exciting Upcoming Projects!

The other day my friend Bambieyez said something along the lines of: "blah blah blah my blog... blah blah etc" (where the blahs and etcs were actually rivetting details about her blogging escapades that just happen to be irrelevant to this particular story)

My response was something like "blog.... Oh-mai I have a blog... blog!! I haven't been blogging!" ..... we had a giggle at the fact that due to the massive amount of projects and happenings overcrowding my mind over the last few months, I had in fact forgotten I was quite regularly maintaining this blog. Underneath the giggles and amusing banter I was secretly quite terrified that something I was so very fond of and dedicated to could so easily slip my mind.

But, here I am - back in the land of the big orange B. I'd now like to share with you all a few good reasons to explain why perhaps the afore mentioned forgetfulness may have occured...

I'll start with some rather exciting news from a few months back - I thought I'd mentioned it, but can't seem to see any posts about it! So, I received possibly one of the best emails ever in my inbox one morning.... a lovely little note from YEN Magazine saying they'd love to feature my work on their website! Yay! You bet I pinched myself repeatedly til I bruised.

Then the planning began for the 2nd round of Explicitly Graphic exhibition goodness... we are opening in Brisbane (white canvas gallery, fortitude valley) on Friday 28 October. Despite the fact that we are all very excited to put on another show... it is a LOT of work and needless to say a little stressful and busy at times, but it's always so rewarding to see it all come together on opening night. Head to our website for more deets.... tickets are selling fast for this one as it is a little bit more of an art party feel - DJ, food, goody bags, possibly fairy lights strategically placed for maximum sexy ambience! Hurry go get a ticket online for 9 bucks, or if you're a gambling kid you can wait and see if you can grab one at the door for $15!

Then in the midst of exhibition planning I managed to score an amazing job in a small but awesome design and print studio in new farm. The people I work with are amazingly talented and friendly and I am so happy to be in a fun team environment again. The commute from the coast has been a little crazy but I am moving down next weekend, can't wait to call Brisbane my home for a while and finally immerse myself in some city culture again. (a little spoiled after Tokyo times and often miss the hustle & bustle of city living!)

My explicitly graphic girls are coming tonight to talk all things  OPENING NIGHT!  So stay tuned for some exciting developments...

Oh, and please excuse my messy mix of lower and uppercase letters, lack of punctuation and overall disregard for the Engish language.... this is a real speed post where I throw caution and preciseness to the wind and twirl around in a carefree circle (in a field of lilies, gerberas & irises) until I get to the next project.

I promise not to leave it so long between posts again!

Tiff xx
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