Monday, November 29, 2010

Shimokitazawa: my new home ♥

Holy Pork Gyouza...I've neglected again. Well, just like the last time, I have a great excuse... I moved to Tokyo! Yep, gave up the job, the apartment, my little kitty cat (although she is in great hands at mum's!) ...and I've finally run toward the rising sun (for those that know me, it's been a long time coming!) It's blinding and overwhelming but beautiful and for the first time in a long time I feel truly happy. A little scared yes, but I honestly believe there is no adventure without a little fear of the unknown. Nothing great in life comes without a little risk...

My new neighbourhood Shimokitazawa is magical, I can see I am going to like it here. Lots of little alley-ways, cafes and niknak shops to keep me amused! Today I found a little supermarket close to my apartment, I picked up a few essentials - bread, milk and noodles! (oh and their supply of sake is rather extensive...noted!)... There is so much inspiration everywhere I look, it's definitely feeding my creative moster within (the one that deprives me of sleep when I can't stop creating art at 2am...)

The quest for today was to buy a towel. Bringing a towel with me was the last thing on my list when I moved here, but I soon realised it's quite an important thing to have when moving into a new apartment... I can do without a lot of things but a shower aint one! Mission accomplished: I found a gorgeous little shop selling assorted bath products and picked up a cute little towel and hand towel for around $10 total, I do love a bargain! They are super cute!

Then I continued wandering... staring into shop windows.... smelling the air... took some snaps of textured walls and walked toward the sunlight. Tomorrow it's off to Shibuya to buy a mirror. And I mean that in the least vain way possible.... but a girl needs a mirror in her room, to prevent such mishaps as leaving the house with a booger-nose or hitched-in-the-undies skirt fiasco. Here are some snaps from today's outing... enjoy sweet folk! xx

Ps - Here's a snap of a bunch of rad art I've been collecting to adorn my new apartment walls! Alongside my favourite little zine by hello sandwich... (When I was packing to move here, I checked I had my hello sandwich guide before I checked for my passport...seriously.)

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