Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh, Shibuya night

Hiya mates! As most people who are a little familiar with Tokyo will probably agree, Shibuya is "the shitto", the place to be, the run-a-muck central for youngens and youngens at heart. Sardine-packed full of cafes, restaurants, fashion, music, art and most of all... people! A few shenanigans in Shibuya is always an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday night!

Last Saturday, my lovely friend miss Chiaki Sparkles was guest DJ at 'edge-end' in Shibuya - a tiny little hole in the wall bar, (the kind behind an unmarked door that you'd never find without a Japanese friend). It's like somebody filled a shoebox full of acid and rainbows then threw it down in a pile of tangled christmas lights and indie records. However, what it lacks in windows and air-con it more than makes up for in amusingly off-beat nikko graffiti wall scrawlings (my favourite "wank is my life") and an extremely jovial atmosphere - the kids are cool but they sure know how to smile.

Here we are enjoying our canned combini umeshu... delish!

And below is one of my favourite shots from the night - she looks chou kawaii ne!

After Chiaki's gig we headed to beat cafe (above echo), a favourite drinking spot amoung locals and foreigners. I get the impression it used to be a little 'in-the-know' but it's so good word has got out and things get pretty packed on weekends (it seats about 2.8 people comfortably - yes, that's a decimal point). Gensho the barman is an absolute riot (pictured below with Sparkles), I've heard many stories about this guy's goodwill and heart of gold but he'd never let you know it, he'll instead make cheeky remarks in broken english and throw pretzels at your bottom. He is a bloody rad dude. He also likes to pose cross-eyed in photos and point to his name on the wall whenever it is mentioned (pictured below, top right corner of the wall).

The only downside to all this peach-flavoured fizzy fun was that I wasted most of Sunday sleeping, when I should have been enjoying the sun at the park. I'll make up for it this weekend.... loves n that x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet potato chips and random ponderings!

Hiya sweet folk,

Today's delightful little discovery was toffee-glazed sweet potato chips! Or maybe it's honey... I'm really not sure but whatever it is it's crispy and crackly on the outside fluffy on the inside and truly magnificent eating... although every bite comes with a hint of guilt as you consider all the 'sometime foods' that have gone into the production of such a decadent morsel.... but well worth it as an occasional afternoon treat!

Today also brought the discovery of a small coffee shop that sells... coffee yes, but also.... vegemite and tim-tams! (Along with pasta, cheese and red wine!)... I was so giddy with enthusiasm that I almost blurted it out to anyone who'd listen (and more than likely not understand) but I refrained and stifled my silly little giggles. That is one downside to travelling alone (and there are many upsides!) ... you can't just turn to your buddy and gush about that van shaped like a dog... or the fact that the single banana you just bought at the grocery store comes packaged in cellophane and ribbon! I guess that's what the blog's for... venting happiness!

I'm lucky enough to already have made some friends here in Tokyo on previous trips, but of course they are working through the week and I'm still in that splendid twilight zone floating and skipping along somewhere between a leisurely holiday and the giddy rush of moving your life to a brand new city in a far off land (especially, when like me, you've threatened to do just that for the last 4 years).

So here I am... happily pushing the notion that in a few weeks time I need to start looking for an arubaito (part time job) way back to the deep depths of my mind, somewhere between my hiding kanji knowledge and the name of that guy that sings 'Ramona was a waitress' that I've been trying to think of all day. Bloody hell, he's from 'something for kate'. I know it. And yet it won't come. And I refuse to google it because I'm a stubborn weirdo who competes with herself. "I can't let me win or I'll lose!"

I am a firm believer that there's only so much room in your brain for all the info we try to cram in on a daily basis... so when you're in a situation of 'high alert' when you're traveling for example (making sure you're walking up the right street, watching that you don't knock an old lady down with your bottom as you both pass through a japan-sized shopping aisle...), I think your brain makes an educated choice on useful information and discards a few things it deems 'temporarily unneccessary'. Well, not discarded... filed to the very back. Next to the afore mentioned Kanji...

Tomorrow it's off to the ward office to declare myself as an ALIEN. I had my costume all picked out, I was going to go as roger from American Dad, but when my Japanese friend saw it all arranged neatly on my bed ready to go, she quickly explained to me that 'Alien' here just means you're a foreigner. Yeah ok, I'm absolutely joking about the costume but would I have been the first to attempt this joke? I think not. There's probably already been a gaijin wonderfully bogan enough (it would've been an aussie) to turn up to the office in an ET getup, just giving us all a good name...

Well I'm the first to admit that this entry is rather ranty and rought with tangents... but I blame the sugar rush from my glazed potato treats. Please now enjoy some more snaps from my aimless wandering. Ja mata ne!

Tiff xx
***UPDATE*** bloody hell it's Paul Dempsey. It just came to me while microwaving a bento box!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shimokitazawa: my new home ♥

Holy Pork Gyouza...I've neglected again. Well, just like the last time, I have a great excuse... I moved to Tokyo! Yep, gave up the job, the apartment, my little kitty cat (although she is in great hands at mum's!) ...and I've finally run toward the rising sun (for those that know me, it's been a long time coming!) It's blinding and overwhelming but beautiful and for the first time in a long time I feel truly happy. A little scared yes, but I honestly believe there is no adventure without a little fear of the unknown. Nothing great in life comes without a little risk...

My new neighbourhood Shimokitazawa is magical, I can see I am going to like it here. Lots of little alley-ways, cafes and niknak shops to keep me amused! Today I found a little supermarket close to my apartment, I picked up a few essentials - bread, milk and noodles! (oh and their supply of sake is rather extensive...noted!)... There is so much inspiration everywhere I look, it's definitely feeding my creative moster within (the one that deprives me of sleep when I can't stop creating art at 2am...)

The quest for today was to buy a towel. Bringing a towel with me was the last thing on my list when I moved here, but I soon realised it's quite an important thing to have when moving into a new apartment... I can do without a lot of things but a shower aint one! Mission accomplished: I found a gorgeous little shop selling assorted bath products and picked up a cute little towel and hand towel for around $10 total, I do love a bargain! They are super cute!

Then I continued wandering... staring into shop windows.... smelling the air... took some snaps of textured walls and walked toward the sunlight. Tomorrow it's off to Shibuya to buy a mirror. And I mean that in the least vain way possible.... but a girl needs a mirror in her room, to prevent such mishaps as leaving the house with a booger-nose or hitched-in-the-undies skirt fiasco. Here are some snaps from today's outing... enjoy sweet folk! xx

Ps - Here's a snap of a bunch of rad art I've been collecting to adorn my new apartment walls! Alongside my favourite little zine by hello sandwich... (When I was packing to move here, I checked I had my hello sandwich guide before I checked for my passport...seriously.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Born To iLL - Exhibition

Yikes, it's been a while between drinks... apologies for the neglect... but I've been a busy girl. Between applying for apartments in Tokyo, moving a bunch of stuff into storage and planning a trip to the USA to take place sometime in the middle of the chaos, things are crazy but I couldn't be happier. I am completely excited (ok maybe a wee bit scared too...!) to be embarking on new adventures. Living and working in Tokyo has been a long-time dream of mine so it feels good to finally be taking the steps to make it a reality.
Now then, down to business! I've got some more exciting news, I've recently been invited by the Various Artists guys to be a part of an upcoming group exhibition called Born To iLL - A Tribute To The Lover Affair Between Ink & Paper - I'm extremely honoured to be involved and can't wait to share my poster design with you all. So if you're on the Sunshine Coast, or even Brissie folk ought to make the trek up ;) then check it out on the 22nd October, RSVP at the website! Unfortunately I won't be there myself, as luck would have it it's the very same night I fly into Seattle, but my poster design will be there to represent!

In other news, here's a little tidbit of something (above) I put together for a little illustration comp a few weeks back. Artists were required to illustrate their favourite outfit from the latest Spring/Summer catwalk collection. This was inspired by the talended designer duo 'Meadham Kirchhoff'... enjoy! xx

**UPDATE** I managed to change my flight and will now be in attendance at Born To iLL... so you definitely have to come now! My poster offering below:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Button Brooches!

First of all I should apologise for severe neglect... Forgive me father, for it has been far too long since my last blog post. I repent!

BUT... I do have something rather delightful to show for it. Behold.. the new range of 'garden party' button pin brooches by momokiss

I sure do hope you all enjoy them! The shop end of things is not quite up and running just yet, but should you be one of the lovely folk who adore these immensely and just cannot wait (can you believe I've already had emails from people desperately demanding something from the momokiss range!) then please feel free to email at momokiss@live.com.au and we can arrange for one of these giddy little trinkets to be all yours (that's right - your very own to have, hold and hopefully wear!)

Thanks to all for being patient while I got this latest project underway, you'll be seeing a lot more of me on here from now on.... (until I dream up the next crazy hairbrain scheme that zaps every spare moment of my time!)

Peace, tea and biscuits!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Issue 21 of Blanket now available!

As mentioned a few posts ago, I was very excited to be featured in blanket magazine, issue 21 - the rock paper scissors issue! It is now available to buy online (at $2 U.S per issue, it's a steal!) so make sure you all grab a copy, it's filled with lots of inspirational art and stories. ♥
The blanket mag kids are dedicated to uncovering and promoting emerging artists from all over the world - it's a mag I've always admired and taken a lot of inspiration from in the past, so to be a part of an issue (even in my meager contribution of one little illustration - hey, gotta start somewhere!) is something I'm just a little bit chuffed about. It really is worth a look, there is a particularly inspiring article on breaking out of your comfort zone, accompanied by illustrations from the talented Bel Johnstone. awesome stuff indeed... ♥

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rik Lee, I adore thee

Anyone who knows me will confirm just how much I adore the art of melbourne-based artist, Rik Lee. I pretty much haven't shut up about him lately, including him in my recent list of artists that rock my world, over at redbubble. I remember the first moment I came across his art last year, over at the Jacky Winter Group... I had one of those 'oh my god where have you been all my life' moments! His art really speaks to me. I especially love his pieces inspired by Japanese subculture and street fashion. And his pencil work is incredible. He doesn't seem to plug his akutoulovesyou project much these days, but I think akutoulovesyou is an awesome showcase of his vector work.

With some pretty big name commissions under his belt, this guy is destined for some pretty awesome things in the coming years... he has his sites firmly set on the big cities of the world, so keep an eye out for this one ;)

green tea with a hint of mint ♥

I've just recently discovered a wonderful little treat - green tea with mint!
Discovering two of your favourite things have been combined and packaged in one glorious little product is always a very happy day!

I was so inspired, that while sipping a cup of this delightful brew, I decided to create a bit of art dedicated to my new found love... complete with accompanying short story.
If you love her as much as I love green tea with mint, then you may just want to take her home!


Dear diary,
I grow tired of always trying to please.
Today, at Mrs. Merriweather’s garden tea party, I decided it was time to do something a little crazy, cause a bit of a stir and turn a few pompous heads… give them something to talk about besides the delicate pattern on the fine china. Mrs. Merriweather nearly lost her hat at the sight of me replacing my very best town hat with her antique teapot. Mr. Merriweather thought it was quite amusing indeed…

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i heart tokyo

...I really do. That crazy place has got me hooked... The art. The fashion. The people. The culture. The food. This tee design is a little tribute to my obsession.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Incredulous Seagull

I've never met a seagull I didnt like. But by golly can they be incredulous little so-and-sos...

A little late-night something that came together over red wine and some drake

Artwork featured in Blanket Mag!

When I submitted my art to the rock paper scissors edition of Blanket Magazine I never imagined it would be accepted! So I was super excited to receive an email yesterday telling me I was in! wooooot woooot :) ♥

It was certainly a lovely way to start my tuesday morning. Especially since I'd just scored a free caramel latte from my local coffee shop - does life get any better? hehe ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My art on POSTCARDS!

Art community Redbubble has just announced the availability of postcards!

Which is fantastic news... you can now buy all my work (and the work of many other talented artists) in postcard form and send them to all your friends. And anyway...isn't it time you wrote grandma? Send her a funky design and give her a bit of a buzz over her morning tea!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Miss Westwood, we are not WORTHY! ♥

These shoes absolutely rock my world. It's like Viv has tapped directly into my imagination and inspiration, downloaded all my love in its purest form, poured it into a delightful plastic mould and called it a shoe. I bid on a pair in yellow and black on ebay but they are just in too high demand. One day, i will own a pair of these amazing pieces of awesome!

Tokyo loves my Tee! ♥

I recently had one of my designs (below) picked up by a Japanese gallery, Takara Gallery. Takara means 'treasure' and there is some wonderful art featured there. They are based in Japan right now but apparently have big plans for world domination ;)
The owner describes Takara Gallery as:

"...where you can find all sorts of "Takara" (treasures) created by artists and designers from around the world. Have a little look around and you might find a little treasure of your own.... This online shop sells treasure created by artists and designers. So let the treasure which incorporate part of the life of their creators become one of your treasures."

Yipee for treasure! I am extremely pleased as this combines two of my 'big loves'...Japan and design! My design is currently featured on a t-shirt for Takara Gallery and you can view it here along with an interview about my work and influences. ♥

back in the habit

hello everyone,
after a year of inexcusable neglect of this blog (i blame having too many passions...) i have decided it's high time i trawled the web again, pounded the keyboard again, and showed you all a few things that inspire my work, my life, my dreams....and my aspirations.

enjoy :)

tiff ♥

ps, more of my work is available here
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