Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh, Shibuya night

Hiya mates! As most people who are a little familiar with Tokyo will probably agree, Shibuya is "the shitto", the place to be, the run-a-muck central for youngens and youngens at heart. Sardine-packed full of cafes, restaurants, fashion, music, art and most of all... people! A few shenanigans in Shibuya is always an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday night!

Last Saturday, my lovely friend miss Chiaki Sparkles was guest DJ at 'edge-end' in Shibuya - a tiny little hole in the wall bar, (the kind behind an unmarked door that you'd never find without a Japanese friend). It's like somebody filled a shoebox full of acid and rainbows then threw it down in a pile of tangled christmas lights and indie records. However, what it lacks in windows and air-con it more than makes up for in amusingly off-beat nikko graffiti wall scrawlings (my favourite "wank is my life") and an extremely jovial atmosphere - the kids are cool but they sure know how to smile.

Here we are enjoying our canned combini umeshu... delish!

And below is one of my favourite shots from the night - she looks chou kawaii ne!

After Chiaki's gig we headed to beat cafe (above echo), a favourite drinking spot amoung locals and foreigners. I get the impression it used to be a little 'in-the-know' but it's so good word has got out and things get pretty packed on weekends (it seats about 2.8 people comfortably - yes, that's a decimal point). Gensho the barman is an absolute riot (pictured below with Sparkles), I've heard many stories about this guy's goodwill and heart of gold but he'd never let you know it, he'll instead make cheeky remarks in broken english and throw pretzels at your bottom. He is a bloody rad dude. He also likes to pose cross-eyed in photos and point to his name on the wall whenever it is mentioned (pictured below, top right corner of the wall).

The only downside to all this peach-flavoured fizzy fun was that I wasted most of Sunday sleeping, when I should have been enjoying the sun at the park. I'll make up for it this weekend.... loves n that x

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