Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Issue 21 of Blanket now available!

As mentioned a few posts ago, I was very excited to be featured in blanket magazine, issue 21 - the rock paper scissors issue! It is now available to buy online (at $2 U.S per issue, it's a steal!) so make sure you all grab a copy, it's filled with lots of inspirational art and stories. ♥
The blanket mag kids are dedicated to uncovering and promoting emerging artists from all over the world - it's a mag I've always admired and taken a lot of inspiration from in the past, so to be a part of an issue (even in my meager contribution of one little illustration - hey, gotta start somewhere!) is something I'm just a little bit chuffed about. It really is worth a look, there is a particularly inspiring article on breaking out of your comfort zone, accompanied by illustrations from the talented Bel Johnstone. awesome stuff indeed... ♥

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rik Lee, I adore thee

Anyone who knows me will confirm just how much I adore the art of melbourne-based artist, Rik Lee. I pretty much haven't shut up about him lately, including him in my recent list of artists that rock my world, over at redbubble. I remember the first moment I came across his art last year, over at the Jacky Winter Group... I had one of those 'oh my god where have you been all my life' moments! His art really speaks to me. I especially love his pieces inspired by Japanese subculture and street fashion. And his pencil work is incredible. He doesn't seem to plug his akutoulovesyou project much these days, but I think akutoulovesyou is an awesome showcase of his vector work.

With some pretty big name commissions under his belt, this guy is destined for some pretty awesome things in the coming years... he has his sites firmly set on the big cities of the world, so keep an eye out for this one ;)

green tea with a hint of mint ♥

I've just recently discovered a wonderful little treat - green tea with mint!
Discovering two of your favourite things have been combined and packaged in one glorious little product is always a very happy day!

I was so inspired, that while sipping a cup of this delightful brew, I decided to create a bit of art dedicated to my new found love... complete with accompanying short story.
If you love her as much as I love green tea with mint, then you may just want to take her home!


Dear diary,
I grow tired of always trying to please.
Today, at Mrs. Merriweather’s garden tea party, I decided it was time to do something a little crazy, cause a bit of a stir and turn a few pompous heads… give them something to talk about besides the delicate pattern on the fine china. Mrs. Merriweather nearly lost her hat at the sight of me replacing my very best town hat with her antique teapot. Mr. Merriweather thought it was quite amusing indeed…

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i heart tokyo

...I really do. That crazy place has got me hooked... The art. The fashion. The people. The culture. The food. This tee design is a little tribute to my obsession.

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