Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Issue 21 of Blanket now available!

As mentioned a few posts ago, I was very excited to be featured in blanket magazine, issue 21 - the rock paper scissors issue! It is now available to buy online (at $2 U.S per issue, it's a steal!) so make sure you all grab a copy, it's filled with lots of inspirational art and stories. ♥
The blanket mag kids are dedicated to uncovering and promoting emerging artists from all over the world - it's a mag I've always admired and taken a lot of inspiration from in the past, so to be a part of an issue (even in my meager contribution of one little illustration - hey, gotta start somewhere!) is something I'm just a little bit chuffed about. It really is worth a look, there is a particularly inspiring article on breaking out of your comfort zone, accompanied by illustrations from the talented Bel Johnstone. awesome stuff indeed... ♥


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