Friday, April 2, 2010

Rik Lee, I adore thee

Anyone who knows me will confirm just how much I adore the art of melbourne-based artist, Rik Lee. I pretty much haven't shut up about him lately, including him in my recent list of artists that rock my world, over at redbubble. I remember the first moment I came across his art last year, over at the Jacky Winter Group... I had one of those 'oh my god where have you been all my life' moments! His art really speaks to me. I especially love his pieces inspired by Japanese subculture and street fashion. And his pencil work is incredible. He doesn't seem to plug his akutoulovesyou project much these days, but I think akutoulovesyou is an awesome showcase of his vector work.

With some pretty big name commissions under his belt, this guy is destined for some pretty awesome things in the coming years... he has his sites firmly set on the big cities of the world, so keep an eye out for this one ;)


  1. oh wow, what nice illustrations!
    thanks for sharing the wonderful art of rik lee with us all!
    he's great i'd have to agree, i now adore him too!
    btw YOUR art is quite dashing too little miss
    keep being creative! <3 x

  2. why thankyou miss carney! such lovely comments! xx ♥


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