Thursday, August 11, 2011

Girl.Houyhnhnm Magazine Japan!

I am so excited to have been approached for an interview by the lovely editor of Japanese online fashion & culture magazine GIRL.Houyhnhnm! I have been a big fan of this online mag ever since stumbling upon it via hello sandwich (she designed it, the clever girl!) so to be asked to contribute something was beyond flattering! I'm afraid it's only in Japanese, but my good friend Maho from Takara Gallery is working on a translation for me. (I have been practicing my Japanese by attempting to read it but I always get stumped on the Kanji!) Oh, and even if you know not a word of Japanese, there are some pretty awesome videos up from some very interesting characters and a lot of them speak English so you can enjoy those, as well as all the amazingly inspiring imagery.

Tiff xx

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