Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reflection & gratitude... with a hint of pastel!

Love my Ma's backyard - perfect for BBQs and ciders in the warm evening breeze!

Although I wasn't away for very long in the greater scheme of life, living in Tokyo taught me so much ~ there really was an exciting surprise around every corner... (and a few less than desirable surprises too - I'm talking to YOU, March 11!) Since being back on the coast of Australia, I keep stumbling upon little things I love about living back here. I have a new found fascination with the Aussie accent, which is odd - it's not like I lost mine while away, or even that I didn't hear any in Tokyo, I had a few Aussie friends there.. But I think it's also the way in which we communicate with strangers too, everyone's 'up for a chat' here. I asked a lady standing next to me at the post office the other day, how much stamps were these days (60c if you were wondering)... 15 mins later we were chatting about her son, her cats and our annoyance at the council trying to cancel a popular local music event. This is something I missed about my hometown.

This morning I was missing Tokyo. Usually on Thursday mornings I'd head down to my fave cafe just a few blocks from my apartment. I'd get a 400yen panini and coffee deal and do some sketching and people watching in the morning sun. So I've decided tomorrow I'm going to do the same at a little cafe here by the beach.

I'm getting to the point where I can more easily look back on my time in Tokyo with gratitude and fond reflection instead of tainted with pangs of uneasiness about it all being abruptly cut short. I had so much fun there everyday and have so many amazing memories and awesome inspiration to bring home with me!

It's taken about a month to start finding my groove again here but things are looking up, I'm getting my inspiration back and starting to build my design career again here. When you open your mind to new possibilities, opportunities come knocking. I was lucky to have continued to have a hand in design here as I was still working for an amazing company based here during my time overseas. Thanks Buzz gals!

On a completely different note, I have always loved pastels, but lately I am obsessing over the pastel blue and pastel pink combo. It started in the laundry aisle of coles... Omo has a new washing liquid out and the packaging is pastel blue and pink. Despite understanding marketing, it doesn't stop me from being a victim.. I know it's happening but I still succumb! At the last minute, I happened to read the label and it's for 'baby'. I guess that means poopy nappies and soiled bibs... but the thought of how cute the bottle would look in my laundry took over and let's just say my clothes are going to be smelling as fresh as a baby's bot bot!

Then my obsession was re-ignited by this glorious vogue cover (March 2011 issue). Love her or hate her, this is an incredibly striking shot of Gaga and the colours are just amazing.

Here are some more tidbits fueling my love of the pastel pink/blue combo!

These gorgeous little mouth organs are available from Amazon Japan! (Ok so this one is a little on the green side but it's still super spesh!) 

These super cute earrings by Lola & Bailey are completely delicious!


The Movie 'Marie Antoinette' (2006) is an indulgent visual feast for a pastel lover. The costuming is just amazing and is a constant inspiration in my work!

I even decided to rework my latest tee design in these colours. Lovin it!

Tiff xx


  1. love all your posts tif! so happy your getting your groove back! hugs xxx

  2. Baby blues and pinks have such an innocence about them dont they? I wouldnt be caught dead in them but I like the baby pianas! I miss chatting with the locals too - Aussies are so warm like that. xxoo

  3. Thanks for the comments girls! Em -- MWAH xx
    Sorcha -- You're right, I can't picture you in pastels at all... you're more of a firecracker red kinda gal! ;) x

  4. mmmmmmmm this color scheme is sooo yummy. I secretly DIE for cotton candy pink hair. LOVE !


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