Monday, April 18, 2011

Thanks Sportsgirl... [new illustration!]

Morning! ...yeah I am aware that this title is very 'Woman's Day' in the sense that the headline sucks you into thinking I have somehow scored a gig designing for the wonderful store that is Sportsgirl. "Bec Cartwright's separation anxiety!"... turns out Leighton's just off down the shops for some milk. Or going on a tennis tour or something. No such luck on the Sportsgirl gig (yet...) however they did, without knowing it, help create my latest illustration.

I was shopping there with my dear bud Raigan, (who has acted as my muse on more than one occasion. She tends to appear in a lot of my illustrations. She is a very lovely thing indeed and I am quite lucky to have her as a pal), and I was browsing the nail polishes. Probably fed up with people testing the colours on their tables, Sportsgirl have kindly started to provide a note pad where you can test them. Being a huge fan of whimsical inky wisps and splashes of paint and delightful things like that, I was instantly drawn to the careless flicks of bold colour. I tore off the page and told Raigan I was going to keep it and scan it (I don't think it's stealing if it would go in the bin at the end of the day anyway, right?) Anyone else I'm sure would have looked at me a little strangely but the girl who is somewhat accustomed to my antics (and has many of her own) thought it was a brilliant idea.

A few days later and a bit of wacom magic and my latest tidbit was born. I used the black nail polish wisps on her arms and bolder leg, and the green one at her side. Her bold headpiece and purse are created from the circular sticker. The rest was created using photoshop and a wacom tablet. Such fun... I love turning random snippets into something a little bit spesh.

I hope you all enjoy the finished result! Prints are available in my online store.

Tiff xx


  1. thankyou grace, I have been following your cute little illustrations lately and so enjoy them! :)


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