Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i-Bandwagon: all aboard!

Finally, I have succumbed to the niggling suspicion that iPhones are awesome. Everyone creative I know has one and uses it to pump out some seriously nifty little tidbits. I have long been curious, ever since a colleague demonstrated the insane possibilities of a single drum machine app, my mind began to tick over about the many things I could achieve with such a device... world domination was certainly on the list.. but ironically now that I have an iPhone I'm too busy browsing apps for anything that demanding...

My twitter followers probably hovered over the unfollow button a few times yesterday (my first day of instagram-ing) as I flooded their feeds with an excited menagerie of anythings and everythings. My i-shutter i-finger has i-RSI!

I've started to settle down a bit today, although I did spend far too long browsing emoticon apps this morning... it's apparently very important to get juuuust the right little yellow face to represent your current mood!

Here are some snaps from yesterday's frenzy...

Tea station at our place, built by me and my bro's girlfriend babyfox

Stormy skies a'bewing on the coast... featuring my neighbour's lemon tree & passionfruit vine

Sunnier skies today ~ as much as I love city-life, I sure do enjoy the fact that this is the view when I look up from my backyard! 

Of course my iPhone case matches my nails... can't get enough of mint green! And it looks so lovely with my white iPhone!
(Pssst this shade of polish is 'mint candy apple by essie! So cute!)

Home-made pizza sesh with Babyfox and Broski

Super chuffed that the very same day I got myself all iPhoned, my custom printed fabric from spoonflower arrived in the mail! How spesh does this look... the quality is amazing, I am so impressed that my blossom design is now in fabric form and can't wait to turn it into dress pockets ;)

If anyone would like to recommend some fabulous iPhone apps for me (especially photography and music/movie making ones!) then please do leave me a comment below :)

i-Tiff xx

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  1. Congrats on the Iphone! It's super addictive and you'll find if you are a minute without it it's like your missing an appendage, hehe... Anywho, good photo/video apps are other than instagram are:

    Hipstamatic (my favorite)
    PS Express (photoshop)
    Camera KIt
    Shakeit Photo
    Swankolab (same peeps as Hipstamatic)
    Camera Bag
    Time Lapse Pro

    also basics like
    Darkslide (for flickr but better than flickr app)
    flickit (uploads batches of pics to flickr)

    There are so many more, but these are the ones I usually have on my phone...YAY!! Iphone!!!!


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