Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday mish~mash!

This is my mama singing on stage back in the 70s. Those are my uncles on drums and guitar far left. Guitar far right was my mum's then fiance who was tragically killed a few years later. (More about that story here).

I was going through a few old pics and found a shot of some little crafty brooches I made. These days they are packed in a box at the bottom of my storage jungle (a room in my mum's house), along with some of my fave clothes, shoes and a box of assorted nail polishes. I really must get in there and begin sorting very soon! (Oh, and that book in the shot is a cocktail book by Jane Rocca and illustrated by the amazing Kat Mcleod who is a major inspiration for me!)

Here's a song I am diggin' on right now - major girl crush on Ellie Goulding. As most of you know I love to sing... although it's been a while between gigs. Every now and then I hear a voice that makes me stop and wish I could steal it for my own hehe. When I first heard her sing on record, I assumed it was heavily produced (it's amazing what technology can do as a talent-replacement these days!) but after watching a live clip of her performing, I realised that unique flutter she does with her vibrato was all her and not a hint of machine. Magnificence.... check her out! xx

PS - this is my first time posting a video ~ excited squeels all round.

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