Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Roadtrip to Awesome: Melbourne, I think I love you

 A few days ago I decided on a whim to jump in a car with a moving-to-Melbourne friend of mine for a fun-filled 13hr turn-me-off-McDonalds-forever roadtrip to the Victorian state. Plagued with the kind of dramas no good roadtrip should be without, such as a flat tyre on a 50km stretch of nothing with no phone reception, we giggled, took photos of landscape out the window (and shared it immediately, thanks AGAIN instagram!), sung along loudly to all our old faves (Killing Heidi, George, Imbruglia, pre-head-shave Britt, No Doubt, Madonna) and even had a pitstop at an unexpectedly delightful artesian spa courtesy of the Dragon & Phoenix Motel, Mooree. The artesian spa made some pretty ballsy claims, including aiding in weight loss & curing all skin complaints. It stunk like the worst kind of egg-sandwich (the water is pumped from 865m under the ground so I'm seeing/smelling a link with bore water...) but by golly it was awesome. After a long day traveling, the comforting warmth and hot steam conquered our gag relfex and we sunk down into our own little putrid heaven. Neither of us are really the type who buy into outlandish miracle-healing propaganda, but we seriously had an amazing sleep that night in what was probaly just another average motel bed. AND we both convinced ourselves that our skin the next morning had never looked better... trés radiance darling! Artesian spa - get on it!

By the way, if you were wondering how we got ourselves out of the flat tyre predicament... we didn't, we are still there on the side of the road... little help? I know, my mum says I'm funny and awesome too. Seriously though, thank every god out there that Jimmy knows how to change a tyre (shout out also to Jimmy's Dad's no-trye-change-skills-no-license rule too!). So with the spare securely in place ("JAMES ARE YOU SURE IT'S ON TIGHT!?" - me: best superviser ever) we pulled a slow but determined crawl back to the nearest town, Millmerran, for what seemed like 3 days at 60km/hr in a 100 zone. After a quick tyre change at Millmerran Tyre Shop by a very cute mechanic who chatted away innocently to us as he fitted and locked bolts & got all greasy n that (and made me momentarily consider moving to the country... *knuckle bite*), we were on our way and the rest is history! I didn't move to the country, believe it or not, and we made it to Melbourne only 4 hours behind schedule...

Jimmy has started work and is therefore unavailable for regular aimless wanders through the city on weekdays... but I've decided to stick around to 'gather inspiration' on my own for a while (yes, an excuse for both tax & self-dillusion purposes). This city is truly amazing, and I'd be kidding myself if I said the possibility of relocating here hadn't crossed my mind once, twice or even thrice...

Here are some snaps from my wanderlust sessions so far, courtesy of instagram.

Bunny ears - it's the least I could do to help really...

Dragon & Phoenix? How could we not stay here...

Kensington station bathed in morning sunlight

Pretty city sites

Snapped at the lights while waiting for the green flashy man - one of my fave so far

The clouds were awesome that day

The Windsor Hotel, Springs Street

Breakfast at Society cafe, Bourke street


Tiff xx


  1. Bunny ears are a must obviously for correct tyre changing efforts!
    Yes move to Melbourne... it's the arts capitol of Australia (if not many parts of the world)... you belong here!!
    You must check out the Mornington Peninsula too.. I'm free for coffee's now I work from home! :)


  2. Haha Pip - I tried to reduce our stress by adding the bunny ears... it worked for me at least...hehe

    I'd love to check out the Mornington Peninsula! i'll be sure to let you know if I make it down that way!


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