Monday, July 11, 2011

Cute stationery from Chibi Run!

I was definitely spoiled for craft & stationery supplies living in Tokyo. So much so, that I didn't even buy that much when I was there... kind of a 'plenty of time to get it later' kind of attitude. Don't get me wrong I admired a LOT, everyday, sometimes in 5 hour Sunday browsing sessions! I definitely filled a suitcase or two of crafty stationery radness in all my trips there over the years... but it's only now that I'm back in Australia that I keep thinking "WHY DIDN'T I STOCK UP ON **MORE** AWESOME CUTIE CRAFT TIDBITS?!"

So, this is mind, I was super chuffed when I stumbled across the cuteness that is Chibi Run online store, recently. AKA Germaine Tan, Chibi Run is based in Melbourne but ships internationally. She stocks a range of sweet little crafty stationery bits and pieces imported straight from Japan. And the best part... unlike some online stores that sell similar wares, her prices are delightfully cheap. She even wrote to me personally to refund a few of my shipping dollars because she managed to send it in a cheaper envelope. Now that's some good ol' fashioned service right there!

Did I mention how adorably wrapped it was? Argh! I almost (ALMOST) didn't want to unwrap it ;)

Can't wait to use these on my next project!

Thankyou little Chibi, I love my masking tape sticker packs! And finding your gorgeous little store has taken away a bit of the sting of no longer having an unlimited supply of such cuteness at my fingertips everyday! ;)

Tiff xx


  1. So cute. I love stationary and these look like they'd make sweet little notes.

  2. Cute stationary I will definitely have to check this out!! Thanks for the recommendation!


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