Monday, July 4, 2011

J - Typography Poster for 26 Letters Exhibition

...and here it is! My "J" poster design for 26 Letters. Unfortunately I couldn't make opening night due to my random love affair with Melbourne of late, however I hear it was quite an event! You can just make out my ladies there in the background of the snap below, courtesy of Asia Taylor and Just Us Gallery

In other news, a lovely chap from the Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper approached me for an interview about my art and how my experiences in Japan have shaped my work... we had a lovely little phone chat! I'll post the article here when it's all printed and shiny.

Tiff xx


  1. congrats tif! i think i recognise that girl at the front with the leather jacket! hehe how funny...

  2. how exciting! congratulations : )

  3. Tiff! Congrats on your exhibition, amazing! Great colours in your J artwork.. the letter really suits your style too!


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