Friday, February 18, 2011

Blossoms by day, snow by night!

Seems I spoke too soon last post, as on Valentine's day we were given the most wonderful gift anyone could have hoped for... beautiful fluffy white snow in Tokyo.. that actually stayed for over an entire day!
It was glorious. I had just spent the day teaching out near Ontakesan station and was heading home a little weary. As I was leaving Shimokita station I got the loveliest surprise - large snowflakes began to fall around me! I couldn't believe how big they were, as I'd only ever seen tiny ones here, often barely distinguishable from rain. After arriving home with a big grin on my face (and taking the long way home when everyone else was hurrying to get out of the snow!) I just assumed that in a few hours time things would be back to normal and we'd see no trace of that lovely moment. However later while cruising facebook, a friend who lives nearby posted a photo of a freshly-made 雪だるま (snowman!)... I ran to my window, parted the blinds, and saw a sight that almost brought a tear to my eye! Everything covered in an enchanting white gloss.. trees and park benches glistening in the moonlight! The photos don't do it any justice, but hopefully they help recreate some of the magic of the moment!

Leaving Shimokitazawa station

and the view from my little balcony...

While I can't help but hope it snows again before the end of Winter, I am also very much looking forward to cherry blossom season (it will be my first!). I'm excited for picnics in the park and frolicking around in the blooms, making daisy chains with the fallen petals... On the very same day as the glorious snow above, I saw some sweet little ume (plum) blossoms out near Ontakesan station. A tell-tale sign that spring is on the way....

Blossoms by day, snow by night... it doesn't get much better than that. xx

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