Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chocolate Potato & Apricot Booze

One of the MANY things I enjoy about this country is the variety (you know, it's the spice of life and all that) of strange, cute, wonderous, awesome products available. Most of the time, I just stare in awe at such products on the shelf for a few minutes, smile to myself, possibly take a quick sneaky photo and carry on with my day. But lately my curiousity has been taken up a notch... perhaps I'm starting to settle in (become slightly immunue) and therefore need more and more to get my fix. Now, I've taken to....wait for it.... buying and sampling said products. Crazy I know. Some are so delightful my face turns into a snow owl and screeches adoration from my 50cm wide balcony... and others turn out to be more disappointing than the childhood realisation you won't ever actually be able to sit on a cloud.

Allow me to share a few of my recent Japanese product adventures, followed by a brief rating of each, as though I have some kind of authority to do so...

Crunky: A delicious, creamy milk chocolate filled with miniature rice-bubble baubles, best consumed wit friends while getting crunk. (wit is not a typo yo) 4/5

Apricot Licquer: A slightly thick, syrupy apricot delight, mild enough to consume straight from the carton when alone. Should company arrive, add to glass over ice for them, and continue drinking straight from carton. 4/5

Nivea Peach-Berry Happy Time Sweet Happy body lotion with feel good sensation: no more explanation required. 5/5

Rich Cut Chocolate Potato Chips: elicited much excitement upon first sighting, followed by epic disappointment post-taste. Overly salty and sugary, my t-buds didn't know which sensation to focus on and became confused, disoriented, and began to shut down. 1/5. (1 point for super-crunch crispness factor).

Maxim Strawberry Latte: 4 delightful sachets of pinky girly fragrant bliss. If the cute packaging and sweet aroma don't instantly make your day, then the absolutely divine flavour of this whimsical treat will surely please even the most discerning instant-sachet connoisseur. Best to get someone who is not you to hide remaining 3 sachets to avoid chaining. 5/5


Tiff xo


  1. aww im super jelly over these cool products! japan rocks! loved this last little bit "best to get someone who is not you to hide remaning 3 sachets to avoid chaining!!!!" just GOLD! teehee

  2. p.s ... not joking but the "word verification" for previous comment was "randicat"

    i lolled


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