Monday, February 21, 2011

My Boom!

The other day I had a student tell me that her 'boom' was photography. I'd heard this cute Japanese expression before so luckily I knew what she meant. In English, 'my boom' roughly translates to 'I'm a fan of'... usually about something you've been getting into lately. Maybe even a better way to describe it would be 'my current obsession'. This has to be one of my favourite Japanese phrases right now, and it inspired my latest little tidbit of art. I was also inspired by the adorable fashion accessories such as the oversized bows girls wear in their hair here. I often try to play around with this look but always feel like a bit of a try-hard. Japanese girls look supaaa kawaii in that kind of getup though.

I think the happy-fresh-soft colours came about from the song I was inspired by at the time ~ 'Rainbow' by Oh Land. Such a cute song ♥

This latest illustration sesh was a 2am finish... which is usually the case when I get that creative spark. It creeps up around 10 or 11pm and makes sure I'm good and tired the next day. But late night with a cup of tea is definitely the best time for ideas...

Tiff xx

PS - If you'd like to get your mittens on a print of the above (or any other) illustration, you can do so at my redbubble store! ♫

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