Saturday, February 12, 2011

A hint of snow in Tokyo!

A hintIt doesn't snow every winter in Tokyo, so I feel so lucky to have witnessed such a delightful event! On Wednesday morning I awoke with a strange urge to look out the window... in doing so I was rewarded with the beautifully peaceful sight of soft snowflakes falling gently onto the street below. Absolutely gorgeous. It wasn't enough to stay on the ground, but just seeing snow fall was enough to make my day. By Friday we had an entire day of snowfall and by late Friday afternoon small piles of soft white delight were starting to form on the trees and surrounds.

As a recent newcomer to the wonder of snow (it never snows in Queensland, Australia), I can't begin to tell you how exciting this was. While most Japanese people were hurrying home from the station to escape the cold, I took a detour and strolled joyfully around the neighbourhood, taking in as many pretty snow-covered scenes as my memory could handle. I took some photos but they never quite do it justice, nothing beats seeing the flakes fall softly around you in absolute silence... and the marvellous blue hue that is cast over everything... it has since rained a little and melted the small tufts of white deliciousness, but I'll never forget this lovely moment in my Tokyo adventure.

~~Tiff xo~~

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