Sunday, February 27, 2011

You made us this way...

I'm very excited to be working with the marvellous Takara Gallery (Japan) again, on a new t-shirt design for their online store. They've stocked some of my designs in the past which I mentioned here. Below is a peak at the latest design... I can't wait to see it printed, the folks at Takara Gallery are true screen printing pros and I'm completely chuffed to be working with them.

After the initial screen print design, I wanted to keep playing around a little so decided to rework it with some fabric and paper textures for the print version... enjoy! xx

The shirts will be available from Takara Gallery very soon, and the print versions are available through my online store. Happy days~! Tiff xx


  1. very rad!!! I love all those textures you added :)

  2. thanks fee ~ i love clean vector lines... but i can never resist adding a bit of texture ;)


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