Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some fun in Harajuku...

Besides the grumpy business man on the street in Shinjuku (CHILL man.. you bumped into ME!) today was a very nice day indeed. It began with some design work (fun design work though... event poster!) then continued with a coffee & panini lunch set (600Yen... WIN!) at my new favourite breakfast spot - Segafredo in Shimokitazawa. Great food, delish coffee and most importantly, an awesome people watching spot!

Then I made my way to Harajuku where I checked out Design Festa Gallery - so much awesome work going on there, very inspiring place.

An alley next to the Gallery

Gallery façade... (yes, I always look for an opportunity to use the word façade)

I'm in the process of gathering some work (and mustering the courage!) to exhibit there soon.. they rent space out per week and even per day in some areas! Check out some of the inspiration I stumbled across...

The cute deers illustration above is by TOHGOH (see website in pink on cute handmade meishi!)

This awesome postcard illustration is by EKiMAEDO-Ri

After the gallery, I did a spot of shopping at Momo Wonder Rocket, and scored this awesome lace cape for just 1900yen! And a cute aqua chain-heart ring for just 100yen. Ah, I love Harajuku!

Also found this gorgeous little shop called Marble Sud ...decorated with vintage deer ornaments!

Super cute interior, and check out their sweet little meishi!

I finished the afternoon with a visit to the lovely Chie of Watanabe Hair. She really is "the best hairdresser in Tokyo" (Harper's BAZAAR), and super friendly too. Thanks Chie I love my new 'do.
Tiff xx


  1. love this post! i wanna win the lotto and come see you!! and japan for myself :)

  2. I Love Marble Sud, They always feature their clothes in the Mori Girl Mooks :) Hope to go to one when I am in Tokyo next! Loevly blog you have here - will be back :)


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