Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chuck a plugger for me, mate!

Happy Australia Day everybody! I woke up this morning feeling extremely patriotic, and began the day listening to some Farnham and flicking through photos of last year's Australia day - a fun-filled slip-n-slide bbq beer fest, surrounded by good friends and sunshine. I am surprising myself here, as I feel a stronger sense of 'missing home' on this day than I did on Christmas day. I've always said Christmas day is my favourite day of the year, and it still is... but for some reason not being home for Australia Day is stinging more than it should. Perhaps it's because tomorrow I hit the 2 month mark. Doesn't sound like long I know, but so much has happened in that short amount of time that it feels like a year sometimes, and that isn't always a bad thing...

I did a bit of googling and discovered this place, but I haven't decided if I'm going to be up for the 2-train trip after work tonight. It's not quite the same without my pals around me... (what a nigel... I'm really not meaning to sound like a big ol' sad sack here... I'm mostly happy here in Tokyo honest!) In my defense, 'burn for you' (see Farnham link above) is still playing in the background....!

In memory of a great day last year, here are a few snaps:  my good friend Krystle and her babe Brad enjoying the spoils of a you-beaut fun-in-the-sun sesh, and a shot of moi after going nuts with temp tats!

Australia... I burn for you! Sing it Farnham! xx

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