Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good things come in efficiently-delivered packages!

OK. So the Japanese postal service, like just about everything else here in Japan, is extremely efficient. Pros: When they say a package will be delivered between 9am - 12noon, it usually arrives on the dot of 9am. Cons: My room is on the third floor, so when I hear that doorbell ring, I have to RUN (no exadgeration) down 2 flights of stairs in order to reach the front door before they decide it's 'undeliverable' and leave! Luckily, on all occasions I've (just) made it and signed and received my package ~ phew~!

This morning I received a lovely little package from my mum back home in Australia, containing a book titled 'a life in frocks' by Kelly Doust - my mother knows me well! Not only is it about a woman's love of beautiful dresses, but it's also filled with wonderfully whimsical watercolour illustrations by the talented Zoe Sadoskierski. I've just finished reading Russell Brand's second booky wook (highly recommended!) so this will be a nice change of pace. I love having a book on the go, even though I don't often find much time to read it!

Amazon.jp also sent me some packages this morning ~ thanks amazon! Well I paid for them of course, but at least they were thoughtful enough to deliver them so promptly - I only placed the order late last night - there's that extreme Japanese efficiency again! ;)

The packages from amazon.jp are design books by MdN with goody-filled CDs attached (big thanks to hello sandwich for the intro!). I will be sure to share more creations as I experiment with them all! For now, here are a few little bits of play using elements from some of my existing illustrations [never say never and tokyo daydream #2] combined with a few of the MdN paper and tape bits.

And here's a peak inside the books ~~ cho kawaiiiii ne~!

mata ne!

Tiff xx


  1. Hey Tiffany! Hope you are well, and recovery from the quake. I'm still so sad about leaving, but heartbroken for all the people devastated in the North. I just wanted to ask about the MDN books, I'm also a illustrator/graphic designer and would love to get these books. I checked out the link for MDN but I can't read any Japanese, any chance you still have the amazon.jp link or the ISBN numbers for the books you got. I have a Kinokuniya near by so I can ask them to order the books for me. Would you mind terribly letting me know any of that info? You can email me too if you like at jannese1970@gmail.com. Thanks so much. Please keep in touch it's nice to have someone to talk to who loves Japan so much and was sadly in the same scary situation.

  2. So I was a little more proactive and found the MDN books and the one I really wanted I placed an order for it at Kinokuniya. They said in about two weeks I would have it, yay!

  3. Hi Jannese! Oops, I really need to check my comments more often >..< ! I am so glad you tracked down the MDN mooks (magazine + book = "mook"... genius!) - I first saw them through the marvellous hello sandwich blog. They are very addictive - have fun! :) x


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