Thursday, January 6, 2011

Failure, my friend.

Hiya~ I've got a new bit of art to share with you all! As cliche as it sounds, most of my art just sort of flows out of randomness and takes shape as I work, and I rarely start with too much of a solid plan. This piece however, came together after quite a bit of careful planning and rough sketching of what I wanted it to look like - for me, a new way of working. I think the main reason being I had this line in my head that I once wrote as part of some lyrics for an unfinished song "Stitch my failure all together, sew new wings and fly forever." I always liked the use of 'all together' rather than 'altogether', for some reason I think it does change the meaning ever so slightly. (Virgo much?)

The line has been running through my head again lately, because... well... I dropped the ball. Big time. I made a pretty stupid mistake. No one was hurt and no real harm was done, however it was certainly one of those moments where you repeatedly kick yourself afterwards. Definitely in my top 3 'what the eff was I thinking (or not thinking)' moments. Let me tell you, my behind is more than a little bruised from the proverbial self-kickings. Needless to say I've been berating myself (as you do when you balls up a perfectly good plan) with the 'how and why' of it all. In hindsight it all seems burningly obvious, which makes it a slap that keeps on slappin'. I won't go into details because my back is sore from cringing, and those who know me well already know what went down. I've chalked it up to my mind being filled with so much other information that it squished out a little common sense. I've talked about this theory before.

So, that brings me back to my new artwork. "Fly With Me".

It was very much inspired by a need to release a little guilt, the anger at myself for my error in judgement. But I do believe that if not for our failures, our successes would be empty and somewhat meaningless. In fact, with no extreme to compare it to, there would be no such thing as success, we wouldn't even need a word to describe such a situation for it would just be everyday life. What a mundane existance that would be.

So thankyou, failure. But please leave it a little longer between visits next time, if you may be so kind.

Tiff xx

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