Monday, January 3, 2011

DIY postcards... my new obsession

Hiya~ it's official, I should not be allowed anywhere near ITOYA ever again. At least not if I want to eat and pay my rent. ITOYA is the most amazingly delightful, trinkety, smorgasboard selection of stationery and DIY goods that you could ever hope to get your crafty little mittens on!

After seeing so many gorgeous 'happy new year' postcards lately (a tradition here in Japan), many of them hand-made, I was super inspired to start making my own postcards for friends and family back home. But not just new year's greetings, also general everyday 'how you been' type postcards featuring a little bit of original art.

I was then reading my favourite blog hello sandwich and absolutely fell in love with her digitally collaged nangenjo (new year's postcard) designs.

Completely obsessed with the idea of DIY postcards, I have started collaging like crazy using patterned paper, bits of flyers and cute print outs, deco mt tape, stickers, and little hand drawn illustrations. Fun fun fun~!

Here's some of the loot from today's ITOYA frenzy...

I'll be sure to post some finished designs soon!

Tiff xx

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