Friday, January 14, 2011

I Heart Tokyo Fashion!

One of the pages I check religiously, apart from hello sandwich, facebook and hotmail, is - the girls that put this together are amazing. They're always out capturing the cutest shibuya gyaru or most badass harajuku hip cat around. It's so entertaining and super inspiring for my illustrations. I get so motivated to create a new work after looking through the pages and pages of unique outfits. You can become a fan on their facebook page too, they always post the best shots there as well.

Speaking of such marvellous things, I found the cutest shoes in a store by shimokita station (north exit) the other day. Leopard print flats with candy-pink patent leather detail ~ at just Y2000, they were a must. As my friends and I always say when shopping "I'd be LOSING money if I didn't buy them." (yes, we like to dillude ourselves when getting swipe happy with the cardo).

The shop is called Oriental Traffic, and their business card has the cutest little illustration of ballet shoes on it! It's great because they not only have a huge range of completely adorable shoes, they stock larger sizes too. When I say larger sizes, I'm talking about Australian 7 to 9. If you're a 7 in Australia your feet are considered pretty small. But here, feet are super tiny so a 7 is moving toward large! I'm an 8 which I think is the most common size in Australia because they are always the first to fly off the shelves! If you're above a size 7 in Japan your choice is going to be greatly reduced. If you're above an 8 you can pretty much forget buying shoes here but online shopping will be your saviour!

If anyone else knows of any cute, cheap shoe shops around Tokyo that stock sizes above australian 7 (same as US sizing I think) be sure to post them in the comments!

I'm off to Ueno Zoo today with my darling friend Phoebe who flies home to Hong Kong for good next week. She's been living in Tokyo nearly 5 years but has decided it's time to move on. She has been an amazing friend to me here and I'm going to miss her dearly. But, I also can't wait to visit her in Hong Kong for a shopping trip! So, I told her to choose somewhere fun for today and she chose the zoo, which I'm pretty excited about. High on my list of animals to observe - sloths and snow owls!

mata ne xx


  1. whoops was logged in as teddymyster, soz, that comment was from me, Emsie-poo

  2. hehe, thanks lovely! and thank 'michael' above too for me...! :P xx


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